IV2Investigator 2nd Class (USCG Rating)
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If applying both IV1 and IV2 generates similar estimates, the method of Acemoglu, Johnson, and Robinson (2001) can be applied to test whether the exclusion restriction assumption is satisfied.
A comprehensive measure of control by all elements included in a graph can be obtained by conducting tests for the relation and each of the other elements: REL and IV1, REL and IV2, REL and dIVlo, REL and dIVhi, and REL and DV.
The second instrument, shown under IV2, is similar to IV1, with population and income controls also evaluated at their mean values.
The new valve-grinding machine is also faster than its rivals, with the ability to produce a valve every IV2 seconds compared to an industry average of around four to five seconds.
currently presenting offcuts show Popstars - The Rivals Extra on IV2.
Further info: Scottish Tourist Board, Thistle House, Beechwood Park North, Inverness IV2 3ED (01463 716996).
We estimate that the Pad Pak at most Thai restaurants has 400 to 500 calories (plus another 300 for every IV2 cups of rice you eat).
I'll be honest, I only got through the first disc and, while I enjoyed it, I don't see me finding another IV2 hours to listen to the rest of it.
Then as the gap grew to IV2 min, Steve Kenney (VC Azzurri) put in an attack.
They swam distances ranging from IV2 to five kilometres in the annual fundraiser involving 20,000 swimmers at more than 500 pools across the country.
Walk straight across the lane and continue along the Salt Line for a further IV2 kms (10).