IVADIntegrated Voice and Data
IVADInternational Veterinary Acupuncture Directory
IVADIntracorporeal Ventricular Assist Device
IVADImplanted Vascular Access Device
IVADIntravascular Ventricular Assist Device
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The Thoratec IVAD is the only currently approved implantable cardiac assist device that can provide left, right or biventricular support.
In addition to the IVAD trial, Thoratec currently has a Premarket Approval (PMA) Supplement for its TLC-II Portable VAD Driver before the FDA and says it hopes to receive approval to market the device this quarter.
EXTREME Audio and Video systems were installed, starting with a brand new Alpine IVAD 900, Alpine's newest and sharpest in-dash DVD player with a fold out 7.
IVAD enables enterprises to use a single customer access line for local, long distance and data services.
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