IVADIntegrated Voice and Data
IVADInternational Veterinary Acupuncture Directory
IVADIntracorporeal Ventricular Assist Device
IVADImplanted Vascular Access Device
IVADIntravascular Ventricular Assist Device
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The Thoratec IVAD is the only currently approved implantable cardiac assist device that can provide left, right or biventricular support.
Un experto en estudios de opinion explica que el IVAD ha sobreestimado a las clases populares, donde existe el voto duro de Chavez, mientras que Datos hace encuestas en poblaciones de mas de 50 mil habitantes, lo que no le permite captar el impacto del mensaje de Capriles en sus visitas a decenas de pequenos poblados.
The company says its IVAD is smaller than other commercially available implantable VAD devices designed to offer an alternative to patients with congestive heart failure who are awaiting a transplant, or are recovering from open heart surgery.
EXTREME Audio and Video systems were installed, starting with a brand new Alpine IVAD 900, Alpine's newest and sharpest in-dash DVD player with a fold out 7.
IVAD enables enterprises to use a single customer access line for local, long distance and data services.
This adaptability could reduce the need for animal testing, because the heart simulator could be used for prolonged trials of prototype iVADs and provide information on physiological effects.