IVAINInternational Visual Arts Information Network (London, UK)
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Gilles Ivain's 1953 Lettrist text, 'Formulary for a New Urbanism', cast a long shadow over the SI's engagement with the urban.
"Review of Erex saga and Ivens saga: The Old Norse Versions of Chretien de Troye 's Erec and Ivain by Foster W.
The figures reveal that 13,275 people successfully petitioned the Court to bankrupt themselves and 8,805 agreed an IVAin the quarter January to March 2008.
What is interesting about this particular moment is not only the fortitude that he displays in taking up the task (arguably more than what would be expected of a batman since he cannot perform an officer's duties), but how Sam acts as a second, like those found in medieval literature such as Ivain who goes to battles in Gawain's place in Chretien's The Knight and the Lion, or Bors who takes up Guenevere's case when Lancelot cannot be found in Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur, or other seconds in history, who were called upon when a champion fell or failed to appear at the appointed time.
A major inspirational wellspring of the situationists was an essay by Ivan Chtcheglov (whose pseudonym was Gilles Ivain), written when he was nineteen and a member of the Internationale Lettriste.