IVAMInstitut Valencià d'Art Modern (Spain)
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Compared to a similar IVAM survey from 2016, published just before the Brexit vote, expectations --especially for British industry--have declined since 2016, mainly due to the conditions of Britain's withdrawal being so uncertain.
2018, IVAM organises two highlights: A company visit on August 27 and the presentation session "High-tech for Medical Devices" at the fair accompanying forum on August 29.
van Broekhuizen, Nano-Products in the European Construction Industry, IVAM UvA BV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2009.
I had curated a Rudy Burckhardt retrospective for IVAM (Valencia Institute of Modern Art) where he had previously been the director.
The environmental data of materials used were obtained from the following databases: ECOINVENT V.2.; IVAM; BUWAL 250; IDEMAT 2001; LCA food DK.
Check out the modern art museum (IVAM), which like most is free and boasts first-rate exhibitions such as the current Robert Morris retrospective that runs until January.
Mas recientemente, en 2007, la compania de teatro Os Satyros --fundada en Sao Paulo en 1989 por Ivam Cabral y Rodolfo Garcia Vazquez-- realizo un nuevo y original montaje de Divinas palavras en la ciudad de Sao Paulo.
El Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno (IVAM) y la Sociedad Estatal para la Accion Cultural Exterior de Espana (SEACEX), junto a la Embajada de Espana en Chile, traen al Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (MAC) cincuenta y nueve obras producidas bajo el cuno del Pop art.
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En Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno (Ed.), Los talleres didacticos del IVAM (pp.
The Ivam (Institute de Valencia de Art Moderne) houses works by local artists Julio Gonzales and Ignacio Pinazo as well as international photography and temporary exhibitions.