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IVASInternational Veterinary Acupuncture Society
IVASIntegrated Visual Augmentation System
IVASInnovative Ventricular Assist System
IVASInternet Value-Added Service
IVASInward Voice Activated Services
IVASIntracorporeal Ventricular Assist System (heart pump)
IVASInternational Value-Added Services (Sprint)
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In January 2007, the Insolvency Service assembled a broad range of stakeholders to consider how to achieve greater acceptance of IVAs by banks and credit card companies, who are increasingly placing hurdles and their own criteria in the way of debtors.
But many people don't realise that signing an IVA will damage their credit history and lock them into a long-term repayment plan.
The new standards look set to ease the lender backlash against IVAs. That caused a widespread sell-off in the sector earlier this year after two major providers, Accuma and Debt Free Direct, issued profit warnings citing creditor resistance.
Some suggested in advertising that clients could use IVAs to repay little more than 10% of their original debts.
IVAs are agreements whereby money owed is shared out between creditors.
Vendors that offer IVAs now have to figure out how to deliver these solutions cost-effectively and identify best practices.
Some customer-service scenarios truly require the human touch, and Next IT IVAs help optimize contact-center resources as expert problem solvers.
But the group warned that while the television adverts for IVAs - which often promise to reduce debt dramatically, sometimes by 80 per cent or more - may make them look tempting, the companies arranging them were under no obligation to give the best advice.
"IVAs allow creditors to keep their homes and even today the stigma of bankruptcy is sill an issue for many professions.
Lenders and big IVA companies have been trying to agree on a a code of practice.
IVAs are arrangements that see the debtor come to an agreement with creditors over repaying money.