IVCMInteractive Voice Call Master (software)
IVCMIntegrated Value Chain Model
IVCMMaster Chief Investigator (USCG Rating)
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It is previously reported that DM patient has a decreased corneal sensitivity [136, 137] and a decrease in the nerve fiber bundles detected by IVCM which precedes corneal sensitivity impairment [137].
In vivo confocal microscopy (IVCM) is a novel, noninvasive, high-resolution tool that enables in vivo analysis of the MG to provide insight into its structure and any structural changes under normal and pathologic conditions,[sup][6],[7],[8],[9],[10],[11] of which many are not visible by slit-lamp examination.
Tabela 1--Efeito de agentes quimicos no indice de velocidade de crescimento micelial (IVCM; media [+ or -] DP) de isolados de Saprolegnia spp.
On its Web site, IVCM says it is trying to develop the first nationwide high-speed wireless broadband network.
At the same time, because the IVCM has been separated from the health care and maternity benefits provided by IMSS, deficits in these areas will be directly reflected in government deficits.
Laser IVCM (Heidelberg Retina Tomograph 3/Rostock Cornea Module, Heidelberg Engineering GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany) of the central cornea was performed and showed beading of the subbasal corneal nerves in the right eye and deceased nerve density with fractured and amputated subbasal corneal nerves in the left eye (Figure 1).
The morphological characteristics detected by slit-lamp biomicroscopy were compared to those detected by IVCM. In addition, we attempted to determine the pathogenesis of these two keratopathies, and the clinical course of amiodarone-induced keratopathy was examined regularly by slit-lamp biomicroscopy and IVCM.
The increase in dendritic cells in the subbasal plexus is considered an important iVCM finding in EKC and herpes simplex keratitis.
Previous studies have reported the use of ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM) [21, 22], but more recently, anterior segment optical coherence tomography (AS-OCT) [23-26] and in vivo confocal microscopy (IVCM) [27-29] have been adopted for the bleb analysis.
The diagnosis of fungal keratitis was based on positive results of in vivo confocal microscopy (IVCM) (Figures 1(c) and 2(c)) and mycological diagnosis.
[2] The administration of intravenous contrast media (IVCM), a fundamental area of expertise within the radiology field, is an example of such a requirement.