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IVCSInternational Venture Capital Summit
IVCSIndian Volunteers for Community Service (UK based charity)
IVCSIntegrated Voice Communications System
IVCSIntravenous Conscious Sedation
IVCSIliac Vein Compression Syndrome
IVCSInner Vapor Cooled Shield
IVCSSenior Chief Investigator (USCG Rating)
IVCSInter-Vehicular Communication Systems
IVCSIntrapelvic Venous Congestion Syndrome
IVCSInterior Voice Communication System
IVCSInternal Voice Communication System
IVCSIndividually Ventilated Caging System
IVCSInterior Voice Communications Switch
IVCSIntegrated VME Communication System
IVCSIllinois Valley Computer Solutions
IVCSInstituut voor Vocale Communicatie Strategieën (Dutch: Institute of Vocal Communication Strategies)
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Mice were housed in IVCs and restrained in an animal restraining device for 4 h per day and 5 days per week for a total of 8 weeks.
The IVCS, also known as the Shipboard Integrated Communications System, orSHINCOM, on board various RCN vessels.
There was no evidence of any device-related complications, and the IVCs were patent in all animals.
To characterize the [Bi.sub.2][S.sub.3] nanowire relative humidity dependent electrical properties, IVCs were measured under RH-argon environment.
Towards the end of the inlet stroke, following IVC, the charge is expanded causing the observed reduction in cylinder pressure.
It should be kept in mind that DIVC can be confused upon imaging with normal structures including inferior mesenteric artery, gonadal vessels and the ureter, especially when one of the IVCs is small in diameter.
To cure Ebola, 50g IVC daily for 3 days should do for most.
The inter-vehicle communication systems (IVC) is a kind of ITS in which vehicles correspond with each other to exchange information about their locations, road conditions, and traffic jams [2].
The programme will build physical and institutional links along horticulture integrated value chains (IVCs), which include farmers, processors, agribusiness entrepreneurs, and service providers, a central goal of the Indian government.
Until recently, TA to secure IVCs had not been reported, however recent (2007 to 2008) case reports suggest TA may be an ideal product for IVC securement (35,36).