IVDASIn Vehicle Data Acquisition System
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"Every aspect of vehicle is tested thoroughly, from brakes to exhaust to combustion,'" says Tom DeSantis, president of IOtech, Cleveland, Ohio, a supplier of IVDAS solutions.
To reduce the number of test vehicles actually being used, a significant portion of today's automotive design studies are conducted by computer aided design (CAD) simulations, based on IVDAS measurements.
Doug Magewick, road engineer at Ford, adds that while current IVDAS's enable the test driver to view processed data, there is a significant need for tools that will enable these systems to capture anomalies as the data is being ported through the channels, leading to a more efficient routine.
"History of solvent use may indicate individuals at high risk for intravenous drug abuse and youths who have used solvents should be considered at high risk for severe drug abuse, including IVDA [intravenous drug abusers]" (Dinwiddie, Ruch, & Cloninger, 1991.)