IVDMIndian Vidyalaya of Digital Marketing (India)
IVDMI Vicoli Di Malastrana (Italian role playing group)
IVDMIntegrated Voice and Data Multiplexer
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(2014) who reported that elephant grass silage from trench silos had significantly higher IVDM digestibility compared to concert silo silage.
The nutrient content of this silage was 13% DM, 10% CP, 2% EE, 65% FND, 15% NSC, 35% FAD, 30% hemicellulose, 30% cellulose, 3.9% lignin, 0.43% silica, 1.28% Ca, 0.73% P, 0.20% Mg and 79% IVDM digestibility.
About Dictaphone Dictaphone is a leader in the development, manufacturing, marketing, service and support of Integrated Voice and Data Management (IVDM)(tm) systems and software, which include dictation, voice processing, voice response, unified messaging, records management and communications recording.