IVDMDIn Vitro Dry Matter Digestibility
IVDMDIn Vitro Dry Matter Disappearance
IVDMDIn Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device
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There are no significant differences in IVDMD and IVNDFD among all tested treatments which were as similar as de Jesus Ferreira et al.
The results obtained for the IVDMD of the rations used increased as the level of FLP increased (Figure 1), until obtaining a value of 68.
The first four generations had only been bred to improve IVDMD.
We used MANOVA followed by ANOVA to test for differences in forage quality, from IVDMD, crude protein and Van Soest analyses, among forage categories and treatments.
On the other hand, the presence of alkaloids in species with high PC and moderate IVDMD contents such as A.
The objectives of this study were to: (i) estimate the realized direct response from one cycle of bidirectional phenotypic selection for NDSF concentration, (ii) evaluate association of NDSF concentration with other forage quality traits, and (iii) determine the impact of selection for NDSF concentration on IVDMD of alfalfa.
Partial correlation coefficients, from that analysis of forage quality with MANOVA (Table 1), indicated a weak positive relationship between N and IVDMD (r = 0.
The IVDMD, corrected for percentage of dry matter, could then be calculated as:
Xing et al and Ebrahimi et al [17,25] reported that addition of cellulase enzyme and cellulase plus LAB resulted in a decrease of pH, increase in both lactic acid content and IVDMD in sorghum straw and oil palm frond.