IVDMDIn Vitro Dry Matter Digestibility
IVDMDIn Vitro Dry Matter Disappearance
IVDMDIn Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device
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They believe that selecting for IVDMD might result in plant vascular structural changes that reduce winter survival.
Partial correlation coefficients, from that analysis of forage quality with MANOVA (Table 1), indicated a weak positive relationship between N and IVDMD (r = 0.
The present results clearly suggest that CT from mangosteen-peel had strong negative effect on IVDMD, nearly by 0.
The Forage Quality Analysis Laboratory at UAF performed IVDMD, nutrient analyses, and tannin assays, with duplicates for selected samples.
Similarly, there were few effects of crushing on IVDMD of current annual growth for willows (Table 3).
Key words: bark stripping, IVDMD, moose, Norway spruce, wasting syndrome
001 Items g/kg DM DM loss IVDMD Moisture level (ML) (1) LML 55 (c) 662 MML 85 (b) 650 HML 124 (a) 660 SEM 8.
Laboratory analysis for NDF and ADF were based on the procedure of Goering and Van Soest (1970), IVDMD and IVOMD analysis was based on the procedure of Tilley and Terry (1963).