IVDMIAIn Vitro Diagnostic Multivariate Index Assay
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The FDA subsequently released a draft guidance in 2007 on In Vitro Diagnostic Multivariate Index Assays (IVDMIAs), defining them as a category of complex, frequently "high-risk" tests "developed based on observed correlations between multivariate data and clinical outcome, such that the clinical validity of the claims is not transparent to patients, laboratorians, and clinicians who order these tests" (50).
On January 13,2017, FDA signaled that, although its second draft guidance was as dead as the IVDMIA draft, the agency still had something to say about LDTs.
The FDA has since indicated that omic signatures, or "in vitro diagnostic multivariate index assays" (IVDMIAs), are also devices (14).
As defined previously, multiplex and IVDMIA protein-based tests are intrinsically complex, involving a device or devices in which 2 or more protein/peptide targets are detected and collectively interpreted with the aid of software.
The ability to perform multiplex analyses offers new opportunities for internal standardization via ratioing of components and for application of complex diagnostic algorithms, as recognized by the IVDMIA classification, rather than simply evaluating a test result vs a reference range or cutoff value.
ET, this audioconference will cover how the FDA and CMS currently regulate genetic testing, the latest on the IVDMIA guidance and ASR Q & A, what CMS is doing to strengthen genetic testing oversight, and what changes the NIH Secretary's Advisory Committee on Genetics, Health, and Society is recommending and what their potential impact on genetic testing would be.
The FDA List of Guidances, some in draft form (www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cdrh/cfdocs/cfggp/Results.CFM?Doc_Type=1&Doc_IsCur=1&Doc_OFFICE=OIVD&lookandfeel=l&SORT_ORDER=origin,documentdate%20desc.), includes in vitro diagnostic multivariate index assays (IVDMIA); analyte specific reagents (ASR); assayed and unassayed quality-control material; pharmacogenetic tests and genetic tests for heritable markers; review criteria for assessment of qualitative fecal occult blood in vitro diagnostic devices; and IVD devices to detect influenza A viruses: labeling and regulatory path.
In February, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) held a public meeting on in vitro diagnostic multivariate index assays (IVDMIA).
Two other guidance documents have been published for analyte specific reagents (ASR) (not new but explanatory) and in vitro diagnostics multivariate index assay (IVDMIA) (a new interpretation of existing regulations and laws).
The development of diagnostic or prognostic tests with proprietary algorithms that are based on multianalyte platforms (such as microarrays) prompted the FDA to create a new category of tests, the in vitro diagnostic multivariate index assays (IVDMIAs), and to propose an approval process for such tests.
Clinical: In July, the FDA released its revised draft guidance for in vitro diagnostic multivariate index assays (IVDMIAs).