IVDTIntegrated Voice/Data Terminal
IVDTIntegrated Voice and Data Terminal
IVDTIntegrated Visual Data Technology Inc. (Oakville, Ontario, Canada)
IVDTIllmatik Vibes_Delete:Thought
IVDTInteractive Videodisc Training
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The system supporting feature phones and IVDTs will also mature, producing vast amounts of data through a company's network.
As noted, the most-important criteria for IVDT selection by low-volume purchasers was experimentation or prestige.
Indeed, 83 percent of future IVDT users will buy them for daily, noncontinuous operational needs, especially data-based access, software applications and electronic mail.
It is important to keep in mind that users consider the IVDT more as a data terminal that has a telephone, rather than as a phone with a screen and keyboard.
And to be successful in this relatively young IVDT market, vendors are going to have to take note of that important fact.
Since the IVDT is a hybrid product, the vendors are often hybrids as well.
Between 1981 and 1984, the IVDT market was dominated by Northern Telecom's Displayphone, which accounted for 68 percent of all unit sales.
Just as the personal-computer market exploded in one year (shipments increased 150 percent when IBM entered the market), 1985 will be a leapfrog year for the IVDT.
By year-end 1985, the average IVDT price will descend to $1,460.
Despite this historic strength, it's highly likely that a newcomer to the communications market will come away with the IVDT laurel.
Its acquisition of Rolm complements the long-distance transmission capacity from SBS and virtually assures IBM of a leading role (eventually) in the IVDT market.
IBM/Rolm, Northern Telecom, AT&T: Many of the largest vendors will fare well in the IVDT industry.