IVDTSIntegrated Voice and Data Telecommunications System
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These primary ergonomic features are considered in making purchase decisions about IVDTs:
IVDTs have the inherent potential to act as a replacement for both telecommunications and data processing equipment.
Market participants blindly groped for awareness and acceptance; potential users muddled through specs and sales pitches, wondering what contributions IVDTs could make to their office efficiency.
So it's not surprising that, in most cases, the Fortune 1000 companies' responses to IVDTs have been cautious.
There are encouraging signs, however, that IVDTs are being elevated from their Tinkertoy status to a level of constant professional utility.
The IVDT was a hybrid--a combination telephone and data terminal.
In a report entitled "Ten-Year Market for Integrated Voice/Data Terminals," published by my Parsippany, New Jerseybased Eastern Management Group, the rapid evolution of the IVDT marketplace is spotlighted and explained.
As noted, the most-important criteria for IVDT selection by low-volume purchasers was experimentation or prestige.
Indeed, 83 percent of future IVDT users will buy them for daily, noncontinuous operational needs, especially data-based access, software applications and electronic mail.
It is important to keep in mind that users consider the IVDT more as a data terminal that has a telephone, rather than as a phone with a screen and keyboard.
And to be successful in this relatively young IVDT market, vendors are going to have to take note of that important fact.
Since the IVDT is a hybrid product, the vendors are often hybrids as well.