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IVEIntegrated Virtual Ethernet
IVEImage Visualization Environment
IVEInteractive Video Environment
IVEInstant Virtual Extranet
IVEInstitute of Vocational Education
IVEIn-Vehicle Equipment (various locations)
IVEInstituto del Verbo Encarnado (Spanish: Institute of the Incarnate Word)
IVEImmersive Virtual Environments
IVEInstitutionalized Variety of English
IVEIntendencia de Verificación Especial (Spanish)
IVEInstitute of Vitreous Enamellers (UK)
IVEIntelligent Virtual Environments
IVEInterface Verification Equipment
IVEInternational Vehicle Emissions Model (computer model)
IVEInteractive Voice Enquiry Systems (Ziconix Ltd.; UK)
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GlowPoint is one of the world's leading providers of IP-based video communication services and recently launched IVE as a free unlimited use video and voice over IP service available worldwide.
Still, there are differences between Dickens' and Hijuelos' novels and between Scrooge and Ives.
In the October 16 Gold Ink Awards, another international print competition held in Chicago, St Ives won six Pewter Awards.
According to St Ives Inc Cleveland Senior Vice President and General Manager Mark Berkey, "Faster run speeds, closed-loop color, auto plate loaders and Cip3 interface with our enterprise system ensure our customers the highest quality, competitive costs and timely delivery.
St Ives Financial is a global leader in financial printing, serving 70% of the largest financial services firms in the world and 40 of the 50 largest law firms.
St Ives Online reduces the cycle time associated with print production and the costs that usually accompany corrections.
The T-Factor(R) formula, acquired by Ives Health Company in 1998, is all-natural, has virtually no side effects, and is readily available over the Internet at http://www.
Keith Ives, Founder, stated: "We plan to use the technology of the Internet and its capabilities to communicate with consumers, our shareholders and potential investors.
Mick Harrison, Chief Executive Officer of Ives Health Company, added: "The Company plans to roll out a new direct marketing campaign that will focus on the proven quality and effectiveness of our clinically validated products.
Ives Health Company products are manufactured in FDA-approved facilities.
Phipps & Company will produce for Ives an interactive series of CD-ROM's and is contracted to host, improve and continually update www.