IVECIndex Offset Vector Register
IVECInternational Vacuum Electronics Conference
IVECIndianapolis Veterinary Emergency Center (Indianapolis, IN)
IVECInteractive Virtual Environments Centre (Australia)
IVECInternational Vascular and Endovascular Course (Europe)
IVECImmortalized Vascular Endothelial Cell
IVECImmortalized Venous Endothelial Cell
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'Since he (REC Cross River)has done what he has done and compromised his independence, we have removed all the powers donated to him by the Commission and all those powers now reside with the Administrative Secretary in the state', the IVEC Chairman said.
Responsive Regulation has been shown to be an effective approach in a variety of settings and countries, plus adaptable to unique industry characteristics (Ivec and Braithwaite, 2015; Rorie, 2015).
This is critical for child protection practitioners, who are expected to protect children, and for parents, who are expected to comply with the state's parenting standards (Braithwaite, Harris, & Ivec 2009).
(24) According to the Cultural Institute of Veracruz (IVEC) son jarocho research website, a larger group of sones and dances banned between 1571-1820: "El catatumba," "El currimpampli," "El fandango," "El pan de jarave," "El pan de manteca," "El mambru," "El saranguandingo," "El temor," "El toro," "El toro nuevo," "El torito," "El zacamandu," "La cosecha," "La maturranga," "Las boleras," "Las lloviznitas," "Las pateritas," "Las seguidillas," "Las teranas," "Los chimisclanes," "Los garbanzos," "Los merolicos," "Los panaderos," and "Los perejiles." <http://www.musiquesdumonde.net/La-Inquisicion-en-la-musica.html>> Accessed on October 8, 2012.
Shin, "Experimental characterization of LIGA fabricated 0.22 THz TWT circuits," IEEE International Vacuum Electronics Conference (IVEC), 275-276, 2011.
Para as variaveis Indice de Velocidade de Germinacao (IVG), Tempo Medio de Germinacao (TMG), Indice de Velocidade de Emergencia de plantulas em casa de vegetacao (IVEC) e Comprimento da Parte Aerea (CPA), nao houve diferencas significativas entre os lotes de sementes (Tabela 1).
Other areas that both parties agreed could be shared included a kitchen for Tafe and Ivec students and an engineering workshop at Tafe.
rhamnosus exposure enhanced the viability of J774 cell line up to 90%, which is remarkable in comparison to the results reported by Ivec et al.
In addition to Dr Steindl, I am grateful for conversations with Mary Ivec, Nick Kitchin, Mark Nolan, and Nathan Harris on motivational interviewing that have informed the content of this section of the essay.
Research on the power loss and junction temperature of power semiconductor devices for inverter // Vehicle Electronics Conference (IVEC '99), 2009.--Vol.