IVELIntermittent Vascular Exclusion of the Liver
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It is a catchy LA-themed funk track featuring the vocal talents of Ivel Goverda and is accompanied by jazz ballad Crazy.
Now the 5mph-maximum, two-miles-to-the-gallon Ivel is to form the centrepiece of a small museum derived from the famous Hunday Tractor Museum formerly owned by Mr Moffitt.
The Ivel has a growing reputation for specimen-sized fish - spearheaded by barbel and chub - but anglers shouldn't ignore the perch, pike and carp that all run to good sizes.
Dorchester Coal Company's Ivel preparation plant in Kentucky has a 650-ton-per-hour capacity with 120-rail car, four-hour load and truck delivery capabilities.
Their Ivel Plant is strategically located in the heart of central Appalachia and provides Enserco with an excellent competitive position as we strengthen our customer base and increase our physical coal sales throughout the U.
Behind the incident, however, is a wider story of how the Baha is of Ivel have long endured persecution by fantatical elements from outside, all the while getting along well with their Muslim neighbors.
Sales of St Ivel Gold have plunged 18 per cent in the past six months.
Available at Tesco from this month, St Ivel Advance milk (pounds 1.
In addition to processing milk, Dairy Crest makes spreads such as Utterly Butterly, St Ivel Gold and Country Life.
It is trumpeting the benefits of St Ivel advance, which is enriched with omega-3 oils that many doctors believe improve learning in children.
The group, which makes St Ivel Gold and Country Life butter, said it had traded well in the year, with products such as Cathedral City gaining market share.