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IVFIn Vitro Fertilization
IVFIntervertebral Foramen
IVFIdiopathic Ventricular Fibrillation
IVFIntel Video Technology (filename extension)
IVFIntravascular Fluid (plasma)
IVFIntra-Venous Fluids
IVFInadequate for in Vitro Fertilization
IVFImmediate Visual Feedback (computer-assisted language education)
IVFInstitute of Vegetables and Flowers (Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences; China)
IVFIntel Visual Fortran (computing)
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Researchers at University College London studied the records of more than 255,000 women who'd had IVF since 1991.
Maria Lourdes Cabling, the IVF Center aims to tackle the increasing infertility cases in the country.
Experts warned the discovery was serious enough to consider screening all IVF patients for cancer.
DON'T RUSH IN HIS new book, The Essential Fertility Guide, Prof Winston outlines fertility treatment options and suggests that more than half of those referred to IVF clinics may be treated by alternatives.
Such large share of these segments is attributed to their crucial role in providing the technologically advanced IVF treatment to couples seeking assistance for infertility treatment.
Reports said the number of couples looking for IVF treatment has reached an all-time high.
Another common indication for IVF is low sperm counts.
But the relief and joy that accompanied their arrival didn't diminish how hard the struggle to conceive them was, and now Tru has written a book, Twin Stars and a Mother From Mars, about her IVF experience, both as a form of catharsis for herself, and also to help other couples thinking of embarking on the rocky IVF road.
Overall, when compared to spontaneous conception, children born from any IVF treatment were not at an increased risk of autism, but were at an 18 percent increased risk of mental disability, the study said.
Blame it on erratic lifestyle, hectic schedule, performance anxiety or stress taking a toll on fertility, Delhiites are making a beeline for IVF clinics and returning home with designer babies, at times created with chosen sperms.
When we looked at IVF treatments combined, we found there was no overall increased risk for autism, but a small increased risk of intellectual disability.
However, the risk of invasive ovarian cancer was not significantly increased in IVF-treated women until 15 years after IVF treatment, the results of the study found.