IVFMIn Vitro Fertilization Medium
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All animals received injections of Ambion in vivo siLRP2, molecular grade phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) vehicle, Invivofectamine (IVFM) vehicle (IVF3005, Thermo Scientific, Waltham, MA, USA), or scrambled siRNA (On-Target Plus Control Nontargeting siRNA #2 D-001810-02-20, Thermo Scientific).
siRNA was prepared in either PBS or the carrier molecule, Invivofectamine (IVFM).
(a) In mouse liver, siLRP2 prepared in the carrier molecule Invivofectamine (IVFM) had lower measured LRP2 expression than control mice or those receiving siLRP2 in PBS (n = 5 control, n = 6 PBS carrier at 3 h, n = 5 IVFM carrier at 3 h, n = 3 of IVFM, and PBS at 6 h).