IVGAIllinois Vegetable Growers Association (est. 1930)
IVGAInternational Video Gamers Association, Inc.
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The usefulness of IVGA (Intravenous General Anaesthesia) on day stay anaesthesia for disabled patients in dentistry--IVGA versus intubated general anesthesia.
This restructuring will allow IVGA to focus on its core markets of travel, leisure and entertainment services, while at the same time developing greater value and potential for the VoIP technologies in ISIP.
com/; and -- Technology: IVGA owns its own search engine "on the fly faring.
com/); and Technology: IVGA owns its own search engine, "on the fly faring," and recently acquired ISIP Telecom Group, Inc.
IVGA will hire a Manager to operate Airplan in the next 30 days; William Forhan, CEO of Airplan and Invicta Group Inc.