IVGPIn Vitro Gas Production (digestion)
IVGPIllinois Veterans Grant Program
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A lower IVGP together with higher IVDMD and IVOMD for SEQ and WPQ supports an improved fermentation efficiency (Blummel et al., 1997).
A remarkable increase in CP content with decreased IVGP was achieved, with acceptable fermentation quality and without decreasing in vitro organic matter digestibility.
Correlations were estimated to find out the relationship of different levels of tannins with IVDMD, IVOMD, IVCPD and IVGP. Regression analysis was used to estimate the effect of different tannin levels on IVDMD, IVOMD, IVCPD and IVGP.
Tannin concentration was negatively correlated with IVDMD, IVOMD, IVCPD and IVGP and IVDMD, IVOMD and IVCPD were positively correlated with IVGP (Table 5).
Decreased (p<0.05) digestibility of other nutrients was observed with increased level of tannin which was reflected through decreased (p<0.05) IVGP (ml/g) during the first 24 h (Table 4).