IVHMSIntegrated Vehicle Health Management System
IVHMSIntegrated Vehicle Health Monitoring System
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The IVHMS constantly monitors and records components such as: caution/advisory warning panel, engine fire indicating system, engine chip detectors and power- train chip detectors.
If it rotates, gyrates, vibrates, it's been processed by the IVHMS and can be downloaded and extracted," he said.
The IVHMS will monitor the CH-53K helicopter's entire mechanical drive train from the engines to the rotor system, and hundreds of aircraft systems.
The IVHMS comprises a health and usage monitoring system (HUMS), crash-survivable cockpit voice and flight data recorder and a water-activated acoustic beacon, all contained within a single line replaceable unit.
The IVHMS is based on data-driven open architecture and can easily be applied to any other aircraft.
The IVHMS is a derivative of Goodrich's Integrated Mechanical Diagnostics - Health and Usage Management (IMD-HUMS) system which has been proven in Iraq with installations on 30 UH-60L BLACK HAWK helicopters in the U.