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IVIIn-Vehicle Infotainment (Intel)
IVIInstituto Valenciano de Infertilidad (Spanish: Valencia Infertility Institute; Valencia, Spain)
IVIInternational Vaccine Institute
IVIIntelligent Vehicle Initiative
IVIIntravenous Infusion
IVIInterchangeable Virtual Instrument
IVIInternet Villages International (UK)
IVIInspection & Valuation International (White Plains, NY)
IVIInteractive Video Instruction
IVIInvitation to Life (religious movement)
IVIIntra Venous Injection
IVIInstitute for Vision Improvement
IVIInteractive Video Initiative
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Equipo IVI is the world's foremost provider of fertility care services.
The first new IVI acetate story is the Double Horn, which is a double layer horn acetate featuring a top layer of grey horn, with a polished finish, and a layer of brown horn, in a matte finish, producing a unique ultra-premium aesthetic.
IVI is an industry leader in providing construction, property condition and environmental consulting, due diligence and advisory services to the real estate, industry.
IVI has a 40-plus-year record of providing insight and analysis that helps investors, lenders and occupiers manage risk, said Thomas B.
We believe our online strategy will result in a steady revenue stream from our services," said Ronald Buck, chairman of IVI.
We are very pleased to build on the success of our previous Phase 2 clinical trial by continuing our partnership with the IVI for the development of CholeraGarde(R) vaccine.
We are pleased to participate in this alliance with GENIVI to help deliver valuable solutions to the global IVI community," says Peter Winston, CEO of ICS.
The lease was negotiated in-house by both IVI and ownership, GHP Office Realty.
By simplifying instrument interchange over the life of a test system, IVI drivers can help reduce the cost of initial software development and future software maintenance.
The IVI is the world's only international organization devoted exclusively to research and development of new vaccines for the poor in developing countries.
IVI is headquartered in White Plains, New York with regional offices in Boston, Washington DC, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and Denver.
IVI Communications will receive 50% of the revenue generated from the Viyya Technologies software that is priced on the market at $9.