IVIPInternational Volunteers in the Parks
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Ilya Gerol, Chairman of IVIP, said, "This contract adds to our growing pre-paid telephone card division which provides immediate revenue while we ramp up our international network in Russia and Eastern Europe.
Additionally, the Russian Tour Industry Council, headquartered in Moscow, sees a market of approximately 3,000,000 cards annually, and is working with IVIP to sign and develop a joint venture to market these cards in the countries of the former USSR.
Yuval Barzakay, president and chief executive officer of Yapalot, stated, "We are excited to join the IVIP management team.
Yuval Barzakay, President and Chief Executive Officer of Yapalot, said: "We are excited to join the IVIP management team.
Until then, investors will continue to fine the company listed as IVIP on NASDAQ.