IVISInternational Veterinary Information Service
IVISin Vehicle Information System
IVISIn Vivo Imaging System (veterinary imaging technology)
IVISInteractive Video Information System
IVISIntervehicular Information System
IVISInter-Vehicular Information System
IVISIntegrated Vehicular Information System
IVISInteractive Virtual Instructional System (sports instruction)
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IVIS setups were relatively popular (see Table 9) as a domain and considered tasks such as radio tuning, navigating lists, and using a global positioning system (GPS) for map navigation.
Cell survival was tracked by an IVIS system and measured fluorescence signal at days 0, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 retrospectively.
Furthermore, consistent with IVIS results, macrophage as stained by F4/80 antibody was significantly increased in the DSS-treated group compared with the control group (Figure 6(c)).
The sites with livestock had higher IVIs than sites without grazing, and the average IVI was higher in microphyllous than in rosetophyllous scrubland (31.43 vs.
Abbreviations PK: Pharmacokinetics DQ: Decoquinate IVIS: In vivo imaging system PK/PD: Pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics IM-DQ: Intramuscular-decoquinate [MCD.sub.100]: Minimum curative dose in 100% of animals ROI: Region of intensity FCM: Flow cytometry PMTs: Photomultiplier tubes IS: Internal standard QC: Quality control MIC: Minimum inhibitory concentration T > MIC: The duration for which the antimalarial drug exceeds the MIC.
We have recently shown increased binding of MBL in the kidney of diabetic mice by IVIS scanning and within the glomerulus by immunofluorescence in a type 1 diabetes mouse model [19, 20].
For the present study, we used two distinct animal groups for the various measurements: (1) estimation of glomerular volume and (2) IVIS study combined with albumin-to-creatinine (AcR) measurements.
The fused data is presented from a PerkinElmer Spectrum IVIS CT system (IVIS spectrum CT and Perking Elmer are trademark or registered trademarks of Perkin Elmer IVIS spectrum CT).
In conjunction, Oncotest GmbH's integration with Charles River's broader portfolio of human xenografts, syngeneic, and humanized immunotherapy research models, flow cytometry and IVIS imaging services as well as creates a premier oncology portfolio for the validation of novel cancer therapies.