IVISInternational Veterinary Information Service
IVISIn Vivo Imaging System (veterinary imaging technology)
IVISInteractive Video Information System
IVISIntervehicular Information System
IVISInter-Vehicular Information System
IVISIntegrated Vehicular Information System
IVISInteractive Virtual Instructional System (sports instruction)
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Three distinct in-vehicle comprehension tasks or surrogate IVIS (sIVIS) were designed to imitate methods of stimulus presentation in a real vehicle.
After treatment, the IVIS group maintained hemoglobin with routine supplementation of OI in the present study, unlike in Bayoumeu et a/.
What sets IVIS apart from the pack, said Warner, is its ability to send and receive TS/SCI (Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information) and unclassified information on the same system, at the same time to multiple locations.
With the Xenogen IVIS imaging system (Xenogen, Alameda, CA, USA), luciferase activity was monitored in living animals 0, 2, 4, 8, and 24 hr after compound injection.
The development of the IVIS 300 In Vivo Imaging System by a research team at Xenogen Corp.
IVIS is a software framework that enables vehicle manufacturers to integrate, test and maintain on-board information and display systems.
Interaction with an IVIS can increase the load on these attentional resources, possibly interfering with the driver's ability to perform the primary task of driving.
Part 4 Technology, Road Environment and Driver Behaviour: Driving in the era of IVIS and ADAS
This new animal transport system is compatible with the M3 and the M7 compact MRI systems and is compatible with IVIS Spectrum CT, manufactured by PerkinElmer, Inc.
The IVIS In Vivo Imaging System provides that data in a faster, more humane way, while reducing the number of animals needed for a study.
Tenders are invited for Fabrication And Assembly/Integration Of Vacuum Compatible In-Vessel Inspection System And Related Accessories For IVIS As Per Specification Mentioned In The Tender Documents