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IVMIn Verband Met (Dutch: Concerning, regarding)
IVMIn Verbindung Mit (German: in conjunction with)
IVMIn-Vitro Maturation
IVMIntegrated Vector Management
IVMIntegrated Virtualization Manager (software)
IVMInternet Voice Mail
IVMIntegrated Virtualization Manager
IVMIpl Virtual Memory
IVMIntegrity Virtual Machine
IVMIntegrated Voice Mail
IVMInternational Volvo Meeting (automobile club)
IVMIndustrial Vegetation Management
IVMImaging Vector Magnetograph
IVMInstant Voice Messaging
IVMIsotropic Vector Matrix (R. Buckminster Fuller)
IVMIncome Verification Match
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According to previous reports (25,29), meiotic progress, oocyte growth, cumulus cell proliferation, and numerous other processes associated with IVM are stimulated by the above mentioned growth factors and cytokines.
05) number of COCs with fully expanded cumulus mass was recorded in IVM medium supplemented with serum compared to medium supplemented with FAF-BSA.
For the first 22 h only, the IVM medium also contained Gonadotropin.
Muestras de leche de vaca y oveja sin residuos del farmaco fueron fortificadas con IVM (1-10 ng/ml) y sometidas a tratamiento termico (pasteurizacion) a baja temperatura/largo tiempo (65[grados]C, 30 min, LTLT) o a alta temperatura/corto tiempo (75[grados]C, 15 s, HTST) en un bano termico de laboratorio.
Our assessment was based on information derived from two main sources: a) a qualitative external evaluation in May 2012 of IVM implementation at two different geographic locations in Kenya between 2006 and 2011 (ICIPE 2012), and b) an analysis of entomological and malaria case data collected by the two projects.
Immature oocyte collection in a mild IVF program is still controversial for many IVF specialists and the impact of IVM is decreased compared to conventional methods.
As pathologists, we inherently have many of the skills necessary to assess IVM images.
The serious side effects of Loa loa and the difficulty of rapidly quantifying Loa levels in patients before treatment make it too risky to broadly administer IVM, representing a major setback in the efforts to eradicate river blindness and elephantiasis.
He disclosed that some states in Nigeria are already using the IVM brand of vehicles.
3 mg ml-1 IVM medium improvement the in vitro maturation and embryo development of sheep COC's to blastocyst stage.
Two thousands and four hundred forty seven sheep oocytes were used to investigate the effect and optimum concentration of GTE on IVM and developmental competence of sheep oocytes following IVF.