IVMMDInterim Vehicle Mounted Mine Detector (Army)
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Unlike the IVMMD, the GSTAMIDS vehicle has a hydraulic arm, resembling a crane, to dig up mines remotely, from inside the vehicle.
The initial fielding of the IVMMD, the Buffalo, and the RG-31 to theater will be complete in the second quarter of fiscal year 2006.
One system under development that covers a combination of DOTMLPF integrations is called the "Hunter-Killer (see Figure 2)." This system is an enhanced route clearance concept, consisting of mine-protected vehicles (the RG-31 and the Buffalo) along with an interim vehicle-mounted mine detector (IVMMD) and supporting vehicles.
From deployment into theater until February 2004, the MEOICC played a pivotal role in the distribution of the Interim Vehicle-Mounted Mine Detection (IVMMD) System and the Buffalo mine-protected clearance vehicle.
The Countermine Capability Set (CMCS), Ground Standoff Minefield-Detection System (GSTAMIDS), Interim Vehicle-Mounted Mine Detector (IVMMD), Handheld Standoff Mine-Detection System (HSTAMIDS), and numerous other initiatives are big steps toward increasing our survivability and maintaining our mobility in our future operational environments.