IVMSIntelligent Video Management System
IVMSIndian Valley Middle School (Reedsville, PA)
iVMSiView Management System (Next Tone)
IVMSIntelligent Visual Medical System
IVMSIn Vehicle Monitoring System
IVMSIntegrated Voice Messaging System
IVMSInnovative Veterinary Management Systems, Inc. (Canada)
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Now we have combined journey management with IVMS (Integrated Vehicle management system).
Salim Al Harthy: IVMS and awareness helps in reducing the incidents of accidents.
IVMS provide an integrated analytics suite that includes a variety of features as opposed to single feature analytics packages.
The new system will also ensure the safety of the children, with features like IVMS, seat belts, emergency doors etc.
The IVMS instruments offer some latest technological advanced systems such as Sensor MEMS 3D acceleration sensitivity which is used to measure on a real time basis - the driving speed, the intensity of acceleration, braking, shocks due to the condition of the roads and the recording of the intensity of shocks suffered by vehicles.
As per the instructions of the transport core committee, the buses will be fitted with safety features, such as CCTV for monitoring students and drivers, seat belts as per the seating capacity, IVMS for monitoring the buses, emergency exit, well maintained seats and interiors etc.
He said, McAleese has also introduced several key safety features and operational system improvements across the Resources business, including the introduction of IVMS (In Vehicle Monitoring Systems), and EBS (Electronic Brake Safety Systems) in all of its trailling equipment.
The system has features like IVMS, seat belts, emergency doors etc.
The 65-seater buses will have Global Positioning System (GPS), IVMS, seat belts, trained drivers and attendants," added the member.