IVOMDIn Vitro Organic Matter Digestibility
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Addition of tannin binding agents, especially PEG with higher MW (6,000 and 2,0000), is apparently suitable to deactivate the suppressive activity of the tannins as shown by the elevated values of total gas production, N[H.sub.3]-N concentration, IVOMD and ME contents in vitro in comparison with the control groups.
Crude protein, IVOMD, and neutral detergent fiber (NDF) were determined on the hand-plucked samples and for the plant-part fractions.
These DM and OM values were then used to estimate in vitro DM (IVD) and OM (IVOMD) degradability.
Protein source had no effect (p>0.05) on either IVDMD or IVOMD while R:C ratio increased (p<0.01) IVDMD and IVOMD when the R:C ratio level was decreasing and were highest in R:C ratio at 40:60.
In addition, interaction of R:C ratio and RPM level affected IVDMD and was highest in R:C of 40:60 with 8 mg of RPM while, IVOMD was quadratically increased with increasing level of concentrate in the diet (Table 2).
The chemical composition and IVOMD of the rice straw before ensiling varied greatly among varieties (Table 1).
The in vitro organic matter disappearance (IVOMD) was obtained by incinerating the dried residues at 550[degrees]C for 5 h.
In vitro digestibility of dry matter (IVDMD) and organic matter (IVOMD) were similar in TMR II, and I, but declined (p<0.05) thereafter to a stable pattern until the concentration of tannin was raised to 10%.
The IVDMD and in vitro organic matter digestibility (IVOMD) were analyzed [10,18], using the Ankom Fiber Analyzer 2000 (Ankom Technology, Macedon, NY, USA).