IVPAInternational Volunteer Programs Association
IVPAIllinois Violence Prevention Authority
IVPAIndian Vanaspati Producers Association (India)
IVPAInvestment Properties Associates (stock symbol)
IVPAInternational Virtual Pilots Associations
IVPAInternational Venture Philanthropy Award
IVPAIcicle Valley Protection Alliance (Leavenworth, WA)
IVPAInternational Volume Purchase Agreement
IVPAInternational Venture Philanthropist Award
IVPAIndonesia Veterinary Pathology Association
IVPAIndependent Video Programmers Association
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Miniature transmitters could be extremely useful in highly limited space to facilitate specific applications such as IVUS and IVPA imaging.
Although CNTs generated the strongest ultrasound pressure, AuNPs have unique advantages for combining IVUS and IVPA due to their specific absorption for both ultrasound and laser transmissions.
Conventionally, a IVPA catheter comprises of two necessary parts: a laser delivery path and an ultrasound transducer.
All-optical ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging devices have been rapidly developed in the past decade, which is promising to be used for IVUS/ IVPA imaging as an optical alternative.
Different from this design, a typical all-optical IVPA device uses an optical fiber to deliver excitation laser and an optical sensor for ultrasound detection.
Caption: Figure 1: Examples of IVPA and IVUS imaging results of an advanced human atherosclerotic plaque.