IVPSInter Valley Pool Supply (Pomona, CA)
IVPSIn Vitro-Produced with Serum (livestock)
IVPSIsolated Valvular Pulmonary Stenosis
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Headquartered in Pomona, California, IVPS packages and distributes high-quality water treatment products and has operated as a licensed distributor of Hasa-manufactured liquids for more than 20 years.
The (n, m)-solution of fuzzy fractional IVPs (10) and (11) is a function [phi] : [a, b] [right arrow] [R.sub.F] that has Caputo [(n, m) - [gamma]]-differentiable and satisfies the FFIVPs (10) and (11).
Finally, thanks to the existence and uniqueness theorem of solutions to IVPs, the solution curves
In the case of direct solutions for the general second order (IVPs), some numerical methods have been proposed (see Chen et al.
Solutions of singular IVPs of Lane--Emden type by the variational iteration method.
The ADM has been extensively utilized to solve IVPs and BVPs for nonlinear ordinary or partial differential equations, integral equations, or integrodifferential equations since it can provide approximate analytic solutions without linearization, perturbation, discretization, guessing the initial term, or using Green's functions which are quite difficult to determine in most cases.
Simos and Vigo-Aguiar [1] constructed a modified phase-fitted RK method with phase-lag of order infinity for the numerical solution of periodic IVPs based on the fifth-algebraic-order RK method of Dormand and Prince.
Pseudospectral collocation methods offer excellent accuracy, and we use them for the discretization of IVPs and BVPs.
[10.] Jackson, K.R., and Nedialkov, N.S., "Some recent advances in validated methods for IVPs for ODEs," Applied Mathematics and Computation 42:269-284, 2002, doi:10.1016/S0168-9274(01)00155-6.
By these assumptions, the initial value problems (IVPs)
Solutions of singular IVPs of Lane-Emden type by homotopy perturbation method.