IVRUInteractive Voice Response Unit
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Web-enabled IVRU applications offer a similar presentation through the conventional phone line as well as the Web while providing the added benefits of centralized data storage and reporting.
Customers visiting a web site belonging to a client of DialAmerica will soon be able to utilize the web equivalent of an IVRU. By entering such data as account numbers, codes and credit card pin numbers, they will be able to access personal information including balances and purchases made.
DialAmerica also customizes much of its hardware and software equipment including IVRUs, embedded script (which can easily be modified) and proprietary CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) which provides "screen pops" that bring up a customer's case history on the TSR's computer.
If IVRUs return callers to previous menus, they prevent communication with a TSR.
IVRUs (also referred to as IVRs or VRUs) handle inbound calls by utilizing menu-driven applications using customer-provided touch tones.