IVSDInterventricular Septal Defect
IVSDIn Vitro Starch Digestibility
IVSDInformitis Virtual Serial Driver
IVSDIn Vitro Starch Disappearance
IVSDInterventricular Septal Thickness at Diastole (echocardiographic parameter)
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1.10 [+ or -] 0.25 et al (12)) (atrial) filling 1.66 [+ or -] 0.33 velocity Number of patients with E/ 8 [26.66%] A reversal Number of patients with 3 asymmetrical septal hypertrophy Number of patients with 1 concentric LVH Number of patients with 0 regional wall motion abnormality Number of patients with 0 significant valvular lesions Table 10 Males SD Females SD (Mean) (Mean) LV mass (gms) 158.22 54.99 131.34 27.02 LV mass/Body 103.4 48.2 91.2 28.2 surface area gms/[m.sup.2] Table 11 Hypertensive Non-Hypertensive Diabetics Diabetics Mean SD Mean SD LV mass 132.28 19.10 154.37 54.66 (gms) IVSD (cm) 1.2 0.22 0.96 0.18 E/A ratio 0.92 0.28 1.12 0.25 Table 12 Nos.
However the LVPWd and LVPWs and IVSd and IVSs were significantly increased (Fig.
All the examined referees had an LVEDD lower than 60 mm and a parietal thickness (IVSd or LVPWd) lower than 14 mm.
As shown in Table 3, STZ treatment caused severe cardiac dysfunctions evidenced by decreased LVEDd, IVSd, IVSs, EF, and FS and increased LVEDs compared with CON or M group, and all of these parameters could be partially normalized by M treatment (Table 3).
Abbreviations BW: Body weight WHW: Whole heart weight LVW: Left ventricle weight IVSD: Interventricular septal thickness at end-diastole LVIDd: Left ventricular internal dimension at end-diastole LVPWd: Left ventricular posterior wall thickness at end-diastole LVIDs: Left ventricular internal dimension at end-systole.
Brain natriuretic peptide level was examined related to the following variables: gender, birth weight, gestational week at te time of birth, ECHO measurements including IVSd, LVEDd, LVPWd, EF SF PDA diameter and La/Ao ratio.
(b) In-vitro starch digestibility (IVSD): The IVSD of all the processed samples was determined using pancreatic a amylase [17].
Pale type congenital heart defects with arteriovenous shunt: defect of interventricular septum (IVSD), defect of interatrial septum (IASD), open arterial duct (OAD); open atrioventricular canal (AVC);
The in vitro protein digestibility (IVPD) and the in vitro starch digestibility (IVSD) of the kisra dough prepared from low- and high-tannin sorghum cultivars were investigated by Hassan and El Tinay (1995).
Deviation LVEDD 41.82 4.83 LVESD 27.28 4.82 IVSD 9.44 1.38 PWD 9.40 1.35 EDV 76.58 22.39 ESV 29.38 13.19 EF 61.74 9.03 FS 33.38 6.00 LV_MASS 90.64 37.18 MAPSE 22.38 4.05 Average Systolic TDI 9.84 1.54 Mean Std.
Left ventricular septal (IVSd) and posterior wall thickness (LVPWd), LVEF, AV [V.sub.max], AV [P.sub.max], and AV [P.sub.mean] were significantly higher while aortic valve area calculated by the velocity time integral (AVA VTI) value was significantly lower in the fast progression group than in the slow progression group at follow-up echocardiography.
EF% = 100 x [[[LVIDd.sup.3]-[LVIDs.sup.3]]/[LVIDd.sup.3]], FS% = 100 x [[LVIDd-LVIDs/LVIDd]], LV mass =1.05 x [[(IVSd + LVIDd + PWd).sup.3]-[LVIDd.sup.3]].