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IVSN operates 18 major sites from San Jose to Daly City, providing emergency, transitional, and permanent supportive housing, along with a vast array of supportive resources to help clients secure a place to call home.
based CLECs, continues to roll out its national DSL (digital subscriber line) network based on the Newbridge 350 IVSN (Integrated Versatile Services Node) and Newbridge network and service management.
AT&T Canada selected the Newbridge 350 IVSN based on its ability to combine DSL access delivery, ATM and IP switching, quality of service guarantees, and high speed transport.
A base station, consisting of the Newbridge 350 IVSN, the industry's most scalable, flexible multi-access service platform, and point-to-multipoint transmitters and receivers, is the central location that collects and switches all customer traffic within a given wireless coverage area.