IVTBIndustrial and Vocational Training Board
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Analyzed results represented in Table 9 shows that for the Bus variable which has most effect on demand is the In Vehicle Time (IVTB), followed by the Out of Vehicle Time (OVTB) and by the fare (FAREB).
The results shown in Table 11 confirm the predictions of the elasticities analysis done in the previous section, but it is interesting to note how the BUS4 situation shows a consistent increase in the probability of going by bus due to the combined effect of improving the IVTB (bus lane) and waiting times (with increased frequencies).
Car Direct elasticity [MATHEMATICAL Variable EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] OVTB (min) -0.848 BUS IVTB (min) -1.360 FAREB ([euro]) -0.497 CAR IVTC (min) -1.121 CC ([euro]) -1.841 Table 10.