IVTSInformal Value Transfer System (money transfer)
IVTSInternational Video Teleconferencing Service
IVTSIn Vitro Toxicology Society (UK)
IVTSImproved Vehicle Tracking System (US Army)
IVTSInteractive Videodisc Training System
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The paper first describes the characteristics of ARs and the selection of vertically integrated water vapor transport (IVT) and AR event duration as key metrics by which to gauge AR strength.
Historically, both vertically integrated water vapor (IWV; also known as precipitable water) and IVT (see appendix for calculation) have been used to define the spatial extent and intensity of ARs.
Meanwhile, the third element of Torotrak's technology portfolio remains the IVT based on the well-established disc and toroid configuration.
* diagnostic tests: in vivo (skin test, food challenge) and/or in vitro testing (IVT).
In general, in vitro allergen-specific IgE (sIgE) tests have been more readily accepted and widely used in Europe than in the United States, and the EACCI position is that IVT and ST are generally of equal diagnostic value.
Department of the Treasury to determine whether Congress should stiffen laws relating to IVTS in the United States.
Officers and investigators need to use their sources of information to determine which merchants and individuals in the community act as IVTS brokers.
In general, few (if any) studies have concurrently measured lane keeping (ambient vision), hazard response (focal vision), and IVT task performance (to examine performance tradeoffs); manipulated both primary and secondary task demands; and compared multiple visual locations with auditory presentation of the same IVT information within the structured context of the multiple resource space.
The Swedish flat monitors maker MultiQ AB said on Monday (30 August) that it had received an additional order for interactive video terminal (IVT) monitors from the gaming systems developer EssNet Interactive AB.
Further, Deere said the IVTs retain constant working speeds due to constant torque availability with PTO implements such as spading or rotary cultivators, which have a tendency to push the tractor.
Originally designed for ride-on mowers, the prototype infinitely variable transmission (IVT) has been created by Torotrak for Tata Motors' Pixel four-seat urban car.