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The secret language (daho' ivun) provided safe synonyms: ngalong tana ('to draw on the earth,' which refers to the pattern of dibble holes) referred to sowing, while ne kelo'ngavok, 'do-like-monitor-lizards' meant 'come and drink.'" In addition, names for particular agricultural utensils also have substitutions in the avoidance register.
By 'supernatural connotation,' Rousseau basically invokes the realm of 'spirit beings' and, therefore, comprehends daho' ivun as a reaction against 'spirits' (and animals!), whereas Southwell seems to have favored an explanation in terms of 'miracles.' However, his brief comment on mamih (see below) looks as if he also took spirit beings to be the principal agents behind 'miracles.'
His wife Ivun chimed in: "So many foods are unhealthy today, what difference does it make?
He pointed out that the Faroese raise livestock, namely mountain sheep, and both he and Ivun said they would never dream of eating meat from industrialized factory farms on the European mainland.
Macintosh computers Steve McPherson 2100 Weston Road, #807 Toronto, Ontario M9N 3W6, Canada cilb@idirect.com Reprinted from IVUN News, Spring 1999, with permission of Gazette International Networking Institute, 4207 Lindell Boulevard, #110, St.
The best organization to contact for more information is the Gazette International Networking Institute & International Ventilator Users Network (IVUN).