IVZInformatie Voorziening Zorg (Dutch: Information Supply Care Foundation)
IVZIntegrale Verkeershandhaving Zeeland (Dutch: Integral Traffic Enforcement Zeeland)
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It is now IVZ and other religious communities' turn to put up resistance.
Soon, the supervision of IVZ is next, after which at least seven firms will receive the certificate.
Total quantity or scope: The IVZ in Cologne plans to purchase a redundant and virtualized high-end storage system with an initial capacity of 200 TB (Lot 1).
According to Ambassador Oryan, there are certain parts of the IVZ program they disagree with, especially in reference to the methods that should be used.
Fitch expects IVZ to be able to maintain performance appropriate to the current rating level, even under a moderate period of equity market stress.
According to IVZ, these measures will yield much better results than the laws sanctioning radical Muslims having fought in foreign wars.
Fitch believes IVZ will maintain reduced financial leverage as it focuses on organic growth and builds its available cash balance.
The Islamic Religious Community (IVZ) stressed that the entire IVZ stands behind the statement of its head Sulejman Rexhepi because the truth was told with this message and nobody should be insulted by that.
God's messages in all religions are almost identical - peace, understanding, love, tolerance, respect, equality while IVZ needs to ask itself whether it is good to try and be the main topic at the Conference with a boycott and especially ask itself why it failed in doing this and why nobody got concerned about this.
IVZ is ready, with all its powers, to contribute to the national cause and respond to every appeal for unification of all Albanians," Reis Rexhepi said.
A significant milestone was passed in May/June 2011, when certain retail funds from legacy IVZ were merged with those from MS/VK.