IWAIInland Waterways Association of Ireland
IWAIInland Waterways Authority of India
IWAIIslamic World Arts Initiative
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A $66 billion trading titan, Nissho Iwai operates in several industries, including IT, machinery, metals, energy, chemicals and consumer products.
Nissho Iwai is also considering slashing the salaries of its management staff by about 20%, they said.
A notable feature of the transaction is that dilution is unlikely to occur since obligors in the revolving pool do not have any rights to assert any changes to the terms of sales agreement and Nissho Iwai, as the servicer, is not authorized to amend the sales agreement.
If the capital increase does not proceed as expected, the credit quality of both Nichimen and Nissho Iwai could deteriorate rapidly, leading to a downgrade of the companies,'' the credit-rating agency said.
Under the agreement, every 1,000 Nissho Iwai shares will be swapped for 100 shares of the holding firm, and every 1,000 Nichimen shares will be exchanged for 154 shares of the new firm.
Zkey's simple, secure and selective information exchange, storage and retrieval service should attract Japanese Internet users to our Japanese zkey web site scheduled to launch in early Q2, 2000,&uot; said Gene Kawaratani, General Manager of Nissho Iwai American Corp.
The IWAI had engaged arrangers, credit rating agencies, registrars and trustees prior to raising the bonds.
Iwai believes the thumb-dagger evolved to allow males to anchor to the female during mating.
For more information on the Iwai Securities listing, please visit <a href="http://www.
said Thursday it has agreed to sell its commodity futures trading unit Nissho Iwai Futures Inc.
Given that Nissho Iwai was getting the company's cornerstone product, a best-selling acne cream called Proactive Solution endorsed by Britney Spears, expectations were high.