IWALInternational Wind Academy Lolland (Denmark)
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The data visualizations offered by most IWAL modules are created directly on the IWAL server, based on the chosen values of the visualization parameters.
The IWAL implementation contains systems for the user authentication and for the management of different case studies.
However, IWAL allows users of the same case study to save and share snapshots of their particular visualization setups, which are called "saved states.
In an evaluation with an anonymous questionnaire in spring 2012, 19 out of 25 students rated the statement "I enjoyed working with IWAL" as "fully or rather true," and 17 responded that "working with IWAL facilitated an in-depth meteorological analysis" was "fully or rather true.
Also, compared to the approaches we used before (investigation of a static set of preproduced figures; teaching the students how to produce plots with standard graphics software), IWAL allows the user to rapidly focus on meteorology instead of technical challenges, and it offers, as expressed by a student in the end-of-term evaluation, "a wide range of possibilities to explore different aspects of weather systems and to play around.