IWARInternational Workshop on Augmented Reality (IEEE and Association for Computing Machinery)
IWARInfrastructural Warfare
IWARIEEE Workshop on Augmented Reality
IWARInformation Warfare Analysis and Research (US Military Academy; West Point, NY)
IWARIntegrated Warfare Architecture Requirements
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Ashely Rowden from IWAR, said he was thrilled at the discovery.
Other poets who perform(ed) some of its most memorable pieces are Anande Amende, Ayoo Angwe, Philip Iwar and a number of others.
With: Bjorn Kjellman, Eric Ericson, Tova Magnusson, Andre Wickstrom, Sten Ljunggren, Inger Hayman, Iwar Wiklander, Jacob Nordenson, Richard Ulfsater
(citing Johnny Ryan, "iWar": A New Threat, Its Convenience--and Our Increasing Vulnerability, NATO REV.
Cyberwarfare, referred to as iWar by NATO, is as frightening as it's underreported.
history, news of World War II was delivered by movie news reels, television made Vietnam the living room war and Desert Storm was the first war broadcast live by satellite.Historians will likely remember Operation Iraqi Freedom as iWar v1.0.
Organisers of the I Want a Referendum (Iwar) campaign put the vote on hold in Aberconwy after they said they were told by Government Chief Whip Geoff Hoon that MP Betty Williams had been "very poorly".
Cross-party campaign group I Want A Referendum (IWAR) announced it had cancelled the vote on the Lisbon Treaty because Labour Chief Whip Geoff Hoon had told them Conwy MP Betty Williams was ill.
One of the loveliest portraits in the show is Dix's painting of the failed poet Iwar von Lucken; the tentative, elderly, shabbily dressed beanpole belongs to a different species than the gleaming, golden boys who would soon march in front of Leni Riefenstahl's camera.
BABBAR GUSKIN nu=ssan [??]ku[??]edani DINGIR-LIM-ni kuit tuekki=ssi anda uizz[ap]an DINGIR.MES-s=a kue UNUTE-MES uizzapanta n=at anz[e]l iwar EGIR-pa UL kuiski neuwahha[n hart]a namma=smas=sa[n SI]SKUR.HI.A-as parkuyannas uddani nahsaratt[a]n kissan UL kuiski tiyan harta nu=smas [U.sub.4]-as ITU-[??]as[??] MU-ti meyaniyas SISKUR.HI.A EZEN.HI.A kissan sara UL kuiski tittanuwan harta namma SA DINGIR.MES SAG.GEME.ARAD.MES-KUNU UR[(U.DIDLI.HI.A-K)] [??]UNU[??] sahhanit luzzit dammishisker [(nu=za sume)] nzan SA DINGIR.MES ARAD.MES-KUNU GEME.MES-KUNU d[(askerr=a]) nu=us=za ARAD-nahhisker GEME-ahhis[(ker)] A: KUB 17.21 i 9'-27', with B: KUB 31.124 i 5'-7' + Bo 8617 (ed.
A future UMMIPS alternativc could allow for" only four priorities: priority 1 (war or contingency, urgent); priority 2 Iwar or contingency, pulsed); priority 3 (mission critical or not mission capable, pulsedl: and priority 4 (routine, pulsed/.