IWASRIInternational Waterlogging and Salinity Research Institute (Lahore, Pakistan)
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I also acknowledge IWASRI, WAPDA and SUPARCO for the provision of data which is used in this research.
For this analysis, relevant data were collected from various sources such as WAPDA, Provincial Irrigation and Power Department and through farmers' interviews conducted by IWASRI staff.
IWASRI (1988) Data Release on Various Aspects of Waterlogging and Salinity in the Rechna Doab (Punjab).
In view of the foregoing facts, a study was conducted by IWASRI under the National Drainage Programme (NDP).
Paper presented at IndoPak Workshop on Soil Salinity and Water Management, organised by PARCh, Islamabad, in collaboration with IWASRI, Lahore, February 10-14.