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IWAYInformation Superhighway
IWAYI Will Avenge You (gaming)
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Little attendants were flower girls Isabella Iway, Marissa Granthom and Madison Sembrano Mendoza; pages were Edsel Alexander Iway, Edsel Zachary Iway and Liam Aparece with the rings, coins and Bible, respectively.
The ability to ensure effective communication is of tantamount importance to any organization, said Gregory Dorman, vice president of iWay Software.
Information Builders subsidiary iWay Software, based in New York, provides state-of-the-art, multipurpose integration engines that address all SOA, application, data, and information management requirements.
The 300-plus adapter iWay Universal Adapter Suite supports many interoperability initiatives and other associated Microsoft products including all current versions of Microsoft .
iWay Software OEMs and resellers now include BEA, Microsoft, Sun, Progress Software, and SAP.
Bitstream, Pageflex, and the Pageflex logo are registered trademarks or service marks, and the Bitstream logo and iWay are trademarks, of the Company.
Ken Mwai, the iWay Africa Uganda general manager stated that, The move is also expected to result in better and low-cost internet services offered by the company.
iWay Software, a division of Information Builders and an integration solutions provider, announced on Friday (25 July) the release of iWay Activity Monitor, a solution designed to provide visibility into automated business processes by integrating business activity monitoring (BAM) and business intelligence (BI).
Under terms of the contract, iWay Software, an Information Builders Inc company, will deliver optimized adapters for connectivity to mission-critical back-end systems using Java System Application Server 7 or 8.
Business integration and adapter software provider iWay Software has launched its latest suite of integration products - called iWay Software 5.
The iWay Bioterrorism Response Suite includes components that provide real-time connections to applications and data-including legacy systems-without requiring custom integration code.
On April 22, 2002 he was awarded the CANAIRE IWAY Award for Adaptive Technology, which honours individuals or groups that have made outstanding contributions to Canada's world-recognized information society.