IWBAInternational Wound Ballistics Association
IWBAInternational Waterfowl Breeders' Association (est. 1971)
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The literature relating to this area provided a practical framework for constructing the IWBAS (Teo, 2010; Turel, 2011; Sad, 2012; Venkatesh et.
The IWBAS consisted of a four-point Likert scale with responses ranging from "strongly disagree" (1) to "strongly agree" (4).
After the dataset was assessed for its factorability, the 14 items of the IWBAS were subjected to factor analysis.
In addition to the factorial validities, the convergent validity and discriminant validity of the IWBAS were examined through inspection of the average variance extracted (AVE) and discriminant validity.
Despite the results indicating that the IWBAS is reliable and valid, some primary limitations mirror the need for further investigation.