IWBEIntelligence in Web Based Education (publication)
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Although there are several frequently used, general-purpose ontology development languages (such as KIF, SHOE, XOL, Topic Maps, DAML, OIL, DAML+OIL), IWBE systems developers recently turn more and more to OWL, the latest web Ontology language proposed by WWW Consortium (http://www.
It is up to the developers of IWBE authoring tools to provide support for creating web pages with educational content that points to appropriate ontologies and with educational services that ensure easy and automatic access of the content by means of pedagogical agents.
First-wave IWBE systems like ELM-ART (Brusilovsky et al.
Murray (1998) classified the IWBE tools into two broad categories: pedagogy-oriented tools focusing on sequencing and teaching the content and performance-oriented tools focusing on providing rich learning environments that provide feedback on learner's actions.
Recent developments in the ontology area have prompted its influences in the development of IWBE tools.