IWBSIncarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament (Victoria, TX)
IWBSInstitut für Wissensbasierte Systeme
IWBSI Wanna Be Sedated
IWBSInternational Wood Biotechnology Symposium
IWBSSisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament, Corpus Christi (religious order)
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The height at which an IWBS is placed can be an issue, particularly where boards are permanently fixed and if pupils are to use them (Cogill, 2003).
The result is that they cannot execute MWBA in a classroom by using IWBS.
IWBS provides an interactive, precise and multimedia teaching method in front of the screen.
The college, in this study, has experienced tight budgeting problems for a number of years and has no capability to afford IWBS in any classroom.