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IWCAInternational Window Cleaning Association
IWCAInternational Writing Centers Association
IWCAIndependent Working Class Association (UK)
IWCAInternational Workshop on Cometary Astronomy
IWCAIdaho Weed Control Association
IWCAIrish Wolfhound Club of America, Inc. (Tabernacle, NJ)
IWCAInternational World Calendar Association
IWCAInternational Women's Contact Antwerp (Belgium)
IWCAInside Wiring Cable
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The IWCA offers the Muriel Harris Outstanding Service Award and the Outstanding Scholarship Award for articles and books/major works.
Registration fees are $129 for IWCA members and $189 for non-members; additional attendees and groups qualify for a discount.
The international hotel chain is now exploring the possibility of sourcing from women coffee growers in Africa and Latin America under the IWCA.
Additionally, building on the success of the inaugural event at the 2015 IWCA Convention in Colombia, the Female All Stars Barista Competition returns for this year's IWCA Convention.
Sherri Winans captures the inquisitive, question-driven mindset we advocate for in a note she posted immediately following the recent IWCA Collaborative (Collaboratory 2015 at CCCC): "Back in this writing center today, everything seems 'deep': the stories I'm hearing, the numbers we're processing, and the design of the whole place.
Recent IWCA Ben Rafoth Graduate Research Grant Awards
C -- On October 25, 2001, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved the IWCA I-14.
We also invited Lauren to share the manuscript of her 2012 IWCA keynote address, "Undergraduate Writing Tutors as Researchers: Redrawing Boundaries.
Acceptance of anchorages by BOMA and other organizations could be greatly enhanced if IWCA were to provide examples demonstrating the benefits associated with the costs of installing such equipment.
reviews Creative Approaches to Writing Center Work, edited by Shanti Bruce and Kevin Dvorak and winner of the IWCA Outstanding Scholarship Award, and Sipai Klein reviews David Sheridan and James Inman's collection, Multiliteracy Centers: Writing Center Work, New Media, and Multimodal Rhetoric.
Such sentiments seem particularly apt as the basis for a keynote address, for the IWCA and NCPTW conferences are two key venues where we as a field come to work and to celebrate together.
Hosted by the Mid-Atlantic Writing Centers Association, the conference will once again provide members of IWCA and NCPTW an opportunity to congregate and share innovative ideas, programs, tools, and research critical to writing centers and writing studies.