IWCMSIntegrated Water Cycle Management Strategy (Australia)
IWCMSInternational Workshop on Computational Materials Science
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6D-G) resemble IWCMS. 2002.25 and 2009.474 in many respects.
Although differing from IWCMS.2002.25-26, and 2009.474-475 in a number of details, IWCMS.2002.27 is similar to these specimens in its blade-like morphology and in the presence of a ridge on the labial surface.
IWCMS.2002.25 and 2009.474-475 were collected from bed 38 occurring close to the top of the Wessex Formation at Yaverland National Grid Reference SZ 61693 85223.
Based on their triangular profile and labiolingual compression, IWCMS.2009.476 and 477 are referable to Is tiodactylidae Howse, Milner and Martill, 2001 but neither can be referred to Istiodactylus.
Referred material found at same locality and horizon: IWCMS 2002.189.3, 233, 234.1, 236, 237; 2003.2-4.
No pterosaur with tooth morphology similar to that of IWCMS.2002.29 appears to have been described.