IWDGIrish Whale and Dolphin Group
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I am pleased to be able to award 15,000 to IWDG as a part of this wider Environment Fund.
IWDG spokesman Mick O'Connell said: "Many of the dolphins found recently, particularly in Mayo, Sligo, and Donegal, show obvious signs of being caught in fishing nets.
L For more information on getting involved with cetacean conservation, visit the website for IWDG at www.
Mr Whooley said the IWDG sighting scheme, which enabled such spectacular scenes to be filmed, had remained unfunded since 2013.
cLb Following a call from IWDG and the assistance of Rod Penrose in Wales as well as Dublin Zoo, the carrier has managed to find a way to transport Leona within the cabin.
The IWDG has recorded a total of 34 live strandings in Co Mayo and 17 of these have been around the Mullet Peninsula.
IWDG founder Dr Simon Berrow said it is a common practice around the world and often the quickest and cleanest option.
IWDG expert Padraig Whooley said: "We've recorded over 2,500 strandings since records began and this Arctic vagrant has never been recorded in Ireland.
The IWDG said there are three "very obvious sighting clusters" in Killiney Bay, Bray Harbour and Greystones Harbour-Kilcoole.
But the IWDG was told one bottlenose dolphin had beached and was found dead at the location.
Cork's IWDG only have resources to carry mammals up to 20ft back out to sea so larger ones often die.
A IWDG spokesman said: "Hopefully this sighting will herald the beginning of a new era in which blue whales will continue to recover and begin to visit our inshore waters.