IWDMInternational Workshop on Digital Mammography
IWDMInternational Workshop on Database Machines
IWDMIntegrated Wildlife Damage Management
IWDMIntegrated Watershed Development and Management (various organizations)
IWDMintelligent Wavelength Division Multiplexing
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Its three operating businesses are: 1) Radioio where IWDM streams a broad variety of different music genres to paying subscribers.
The acquisition of Up Your Ratings and its intellectual property, combined with the leadership and expertise of Randy and Marc as special advisors to the company, is a move that will without a doubt create differentiation and provide a competitive advantage for IWDM.
Robins, founder of the original The Red Chip Review and past stringer contributor for Forbes magazine, was quoted as saying, "We've followed the progress of IWDM and their new alliance with "Bubba the Love Sponge" for nearly a year and believe the delivery mechanism they've developed is very powerful and broad reaching.