IWEAIrish Wind Energy Association
IWEAInternational Workshop on E-Activity
IWEAIllinois Water Environment Association (est. 1979)
IWEAIsle of Wight Enterprise Agency (Isle of Wight, UK)
IWEAIncomplete Wheat-Elymus Amphiploid
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The IWEA Laboratory Excellence Award recognizes an Indiana wastewater treatment facility that achieves a 90 percent total score in quality assurance; lab facility; general lab; and specific procedures.
IWEA head of communications Brian Dawson said: While its exciting to see wind energy delivering such high levels of electricity generation, its critically important that we continue to focus on developing these clean and indigenous energy sources and focus on reducing our dangerously unsustainable 85% reliance on expensive fossil fuel imports.
Dr Michael Walsh of the IWEA said any reduction in supports would cost jobs and undermine foreign investment here.